Experience New LuLu Money App,More convenience and power to you

  • Why does the APP look different? Is this a new look and feel?

    As a company and as a community, we are always adapting and innovating to build a brighter future. Our primary intention is to provide enhanced customer experience. This change is part of that journey. As we evolve our service and enter a new phase in our journey, we want to provide you the best and most convenient money transfer experience.
  • Can I trust this APP?

    Your safety is our top priority. If you have any concerns and want to check that it’s really NS Cashpoint you’re communicating with, feel free to connect with our support team @+60 10288 1510, 0162075989, +60340455989 or email us at customer.care@nscashpoint.com.my

All About LuLu Money

  • Who we are?

    LuLu Money is an Online platform for remittance and payments by NS Cashpoint, that allows customers to make domestic and cross border transactions anytime, anywhere. LuLu Money promises you competitive exchange rates, quick processing, enhanced security and a friendly customer experience team. Find our mobile app – LuLu Money in the App store and Google play store and download the app to experience our exceptional services at your fingertip. You can also visit our websitewww.lulumoney.com to know more about our services.
  • Is NS Cashpoint and LuLu Money the same ?

    Yes. LuLu Money is the digital platform provided by NS Cashpoint. LuLu Money mobile app offers extensive financial services online. At the same time you can use the same financial services at NS Cashpoint houses also.
  • Why should I use LuLu Money?

    • Powered by most trusted LuLu Financial group, having over 10 years of experience in payment and financial services.
    • 50+ correspondent banking partners in more than 30 countries across the globe
    • Great exchange rates and offers
    • Round the clock customer support team
    • Most safe and secure platform offers high degree of user data security
    • Stay updated Push, Email and SMS notification
    • Build with intuitive user interface

General Queries

  • How can I download the mobile app?

    Go to App Store or Google Play Store and search for LuLu Money
  • What is a Promo Code? How do I use it?

    LuLu Money provides various discounts and promotional offers. The code can be used to avail the discount. Enter the code in the ‘Promo Code’ field to avail the benefits.
  • What if my promo code is not working?

    Promo code usually has an expiry period, the duration of which is decided by LuLu Money. In most cases, the promo code has either expired or no longer valid; you will get an error message. For further assistance contact our customer experience team.
  • What do I do if I lose/forget my PIN?

    • Click on “Forgot PIN” in the login page
    • Enter your registered Mobile number
    • OTP will be issued to your registered mobile number
    • Enter the OTP and Click on submit
    You can enter and save a PIN of your choice. Please note PIN 4 digits. Use biometric for a more secure login
  • How can I change my PIN?

    • Login to your account
    • Go to more Menu
    • Click on Change PINr
    • Enter old PIN and new PIN
    • Click on Save
  • How do I set a rate alert?

    Exchange rates are volatile and change several times in a day. Rate alert helps to keep you updated when the rate reaches your expected amount. Click the ‘Set Alert’ button in the rate calculator to set the preferred exchange rate. Enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile number and preferred rate. Set alert type as Email/SMS/Push Notification and click on ‘Set Alert’. An Email/SMS/Push Notification will be triggered once the exchange rate touches the preferred rate set by you.
  • What are your security measures?

    LuLu Money ensures strict SSL over TLS 1.2 and follows HSTS protocol with Sectigo certified CA. We use OAuth 2.0 API authentication for the secure communication between your device and our system. Our certified security specialists work round the clock to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
  • How can I locate the nearest branch?

    Check out our branch locator. Share your location to locate a branch closest to you. You can also use the navigation button to locate our local or global branches.

How to Onboard in LuLuMoney Application?

  • What is the Eligibility to use LuLu Money Application?

    Any individual above the age of 18 and resident of Malaysia can use this application.
  • How does LuLu Money service work?

    Money transfers on LuLu Money works in four simple steps:
    • Register for the service: Use your email, mobile number and MyKad or iKad to create an account.
    • Complete KYC.
    • Choose/Add recipient. You may send up to 30,000 MYR to new recipients immediately.
    • The limit will be increased after 24 hours of adding a new recipient.
    • Select your preferred payment method from the options available in the application
    • Complete your transfer by making the payment
  • Should I register to use the services?

    All users need to register and complete KYC to use various services of LuLu Money.

    New to NS Cashpoint Customers:

    • Click on the Sign-Up button
    • Register using email ID, mobile number and MyKad or iKad. OTP verification is required
    • Visit nearest NS Cashpoint branch with valid original MyKad or iKad to complete KYC
    • An email with your Customer Number will be sent to the registered email address

    Existing NS Cashpoint (branch) Customers:

    • Click on the Sign-Up button
    • Register using email ID, mobile number and MyKad or iKad. OTP verification is required
    • If your KYC is complete you will be asked to set PIN for login
    • In case we are unable to find your account with us or if the MyKad or iKad on file has expired, The customer has to visit nearest NS Cashpoint branch with original MyKad or iKad to update KYC
    • An email with your Customer Number will be sent to the registered email address
  • Which identification document is used to verify my identity?

    Only a valid MyKad or iKad can be used to verify your identity. Please carry your original ID proof for KYC verification purposes.
  • What does the activation/enabling of the account mean? Why is it mandatory?

    To ensure security of your account, we need to know who you are and we activate your account only once your KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) requirement checks are met.

    Activation Process for New to LuLu Exchange customers:

    After registering on LuLu Money, Please walk into any NS Cashpoint branch with a valid MyKad or iKad. It will take just 2 minutes for our branch staff to verify your ID. Your account will then be instantly activated for transactions.

    Activation Process for Existing LuLu Exchange branch customers:

    After registering on LuLu Money, if you get a message to complete your KYC, you are required to walk into any NS Cashpoint branch with your MyKad or iKad for your KYC verification. Customers whose KYC is already completed & is active, do not need to do this step and can directly use the online service.

    After providing the required details your account will be activated for online transactions.

  • How do I get my customer number?

    The Customer number will be sent to your registered email ID after you complete the registration. You can also contact our customer care team to get your customer number. After login, The customer number can be viewed in your Profile page
  • How do I change my personal details in the App?

    The user can change the personal details from the profile page
  • Can I have multiple Lulu Money accounts?

    The user can have a different account for different countries. Multiple accounts in the same country are not permitted.

Our Services

  • What are the money transfer options available for the customer?

    Money Transfer to Bank/ Account credit:

    Money can be sent directly to the recipient’s bank account. We have a direct correspondent banking relationship with over 50 banks globally. We are also members within the SWIFT and RIPPLE network allowing you to send money directly to recipient bank accounts, almost anywhere across the globe.

    Cash Pickup at bank:

    NS Cashpoint has tie-ups with major banks to enable your recipient to collect cash at any of the bank locations. Recipient does not require an account with the bank, however, the recipient must come with a valid (original) photo ID and the transaction reference number to collect cash.
  • Where can I send money to?

    LuLu Money allows you to transfer money to more than 190 countries. You can choose a destination country while adding the Recipient on the send money page. The available receiving options (e.g. bank transfer, cash pickup, mobile money transfer etc.,) vary depending on the country you are sending to.
  • What is anywhere payout?

    Anywhere payout is a unique feature where senders need not specify the agent collection location. Instead the recipient can collect cash from any of the service provider’s agent locations by presenting the reference number and valid photo ID card. This facility is available in most of the countries powered by service providers.
  • How much money can I send online?

    We have set some limits on the amount of money you can send from your account to ensure safety of your account. Please note the same below -
    • Daily transaction limit- 30,000 MYR up to 5 Transaction
    • Monthly transaction Limit- 50,000 MYR
  • What are charges for sending money online using LuLu Money?

    NS Cashpoint charges a minimal transaction fee depending on the receiving country and selected payout service. You may check the tips in the calculator section to know more about the fees
  • What if the customer faces any issue with the application?

    Please connect with the Live chat support.
  • How to contact the customer care team If I had any problem?

    Feel free to write to us on customer.care@nscashpoint.com.my or call us on+60 10288 1510, 0162075989, +60340455989

Know More About Recipient

  • Who is a Recipient? How to add a Recipient?

    A Recipient or beneficiary is an individual to whom you initiated the money transfer/payment and is eligible to collect the funds transferred. A recipient can be your parents, spouse, relative, friend, etc. You can also be a self-recipient when you send money to your own bank account or wallet.

    Please note- A recipient cannot be a corporate organization or Charitable Institutions.

    Procedure to add a Recipient

    • Login to your account and click on recipients-> Add recipients
    • Click on add self if you are sending money to your own account or Click on add someone else
    • Choose country and service type and fill in all required information
    • For account credit, mandatory information such as Account number, IBAN, Routing no, BSB number, Sort code, Institution number, SWIFT code etc., will be required as per the country you are sending money to
    • For Mobile Money Transfer and LuLu Wallet Transfer, valid and registered mobile number is mandatory

    Alternate Options to add recipient

    • 1. Post login choose recipient from the footer and then click Add recipient
    • 2. From More menu, choose my recipients and then click Add recipient
    • 3. While initiating a transaction, Step 2- choose recipient page, click Add recipient
  • How Can I view, edit or disable a Recipient?

    To view, edit or disable a Recipient
    • Login to your account
    • Click on ‘My Recipients
    • Click on the recipient from the list to view more details
    • Under view recipient details, click on edit or disable Icon as required
  • What if I do not have all the details of recipient bank details?

    Some details are mandatory to proceed the transactions. Missing details in the mandatory field can lead to transaction rejection. You have to fill all details carefully to avoid any inconvenience

All About LuLu Money Payments

  • What are the payment options available?

    LuLu Exchange provides following payment options:
    • Payment Gateway
    • Wire Transfer
    • Pay@Branch
  • How does Payment Gateway in LuLu Money work?

    Instant payments are made using the FPX payment gateway system without any additional cost
    • Login to LuLu Money Mobile app and initiate the transfer to your Recipient
    • Choose the required service option from the home page and Select your beneficiary.
    • Provide the amount & required details.
    • Select the mode of payment as “ Payment Gateway”
    • You will be redirected to the payment gateway.
    • Kindly provide the required details of the accepted payment mode such debit card details/online banking details etc and confirm to complete the transaction.
    • On submission, you will be taken to your bank's login page. Enter your online banking credentials and approve the transactions to transfer the money
    • On a successful payment, you will be redirected back to LuLu Money transaction receipt page. A copy of your receipt will also be sent via email to your registered email address
    In case your payment was unsuccessful-
    • You will be redirected to transaction fail page
    • We will try to reconnect with FPX Payment gateway once again on the payment status and update you if the attempt was successful. This is done usually within 1 hour
    • Before attempting a second time, you have to check if the amount has been debited from your bank account.
    • Wait for a status update from LuLu Money Team or contact your bank for refund
  • How does Wire Transfer work?

    Transfer funds from your bank account to LuLu Exchange’s local bank account within 4 hours using the Wire Transfer

    Step 1-

    • Login to Mobile app and book the transfer to your recipient
    • Choose the payment option as Wire Transfer
    • On the transaction confirmation screen, you will be shown a list of NS Cashpoint bank accounts to which you can transfer money
    • On the transaction confirmation screen, we will display the NS Cashpoint bank account towards which you may transfer the payment funds. Note down the details of the bank account
    • Complete your transfer and make a note of your transaction reference number given on the receipt
    • Complete step 2

    Step 2-

    • Login to your local bank's internet banking account
    • Add NS Cashpoint as a recipient (using the account details that we have provided). This is a one-time process
    • Save the recipient and transfer funds to the NS Cashpoint local bank account
    • Please ensure that the amount transferred matches the Total Payable amount in our receipt
    • Make a note of your bank reference number for the payment made. You can locate this on your bank’s transfer receipt screen. Keeping a screenshot or copy of your bank’s payment receipt is recommended
    • Go back to LuLu MoneyAPP and insert your bank reference number in the field provided. This will help us track your payment
  • How does Pay @Branch work

    Book your LuLu Money transaction using the mobile APP and pay via cash within 4 hours at a LuLu Exchange branch nearest to you

    Step 1-

    • Login to Mobile app and book the transfer to your recipient
    • Choose the payment option as Pay@Branch
    • Complete your transfer and make a note of your token reference number given on the receipt
    • Complete step 2

    Step 2-

    • Visit the nearest NS Cashpoint branch branch
    • Share the token reference number to branch support staff
    • Pay the cash equivalent to the Total Payable amount
    • Our staff will authorize the transaction and share you a receipt copy
    • A copy of the receipt will be email to you
    Please note that the payment must be made within 4 hours to avoid cancellation.
  • What should I do if an amount has been debited from my account but my transaction status shows failure?

    We will try to reconnect with FPX Payment gateway once again on the payment status and update you if the attempt was successful. This is done usually within 1 hour.
    • In most cases, the transaction would be unsuccessful. Your bank will refund the amount back to your account.
    • In case of any delays in the refund, please check with your bank’s customer service or cash management team.
    • Before attempting a second time, please recheck if the amount has been debited from your bank account. And wait for a status update from our end or contact your bank for refund
  • How much time does it take to transfer funds using Wire Transfer?

    The transfer should be done within 4 hours after completing the transaction on LuLu Money. If BRN is not updated within 4 hours of booking the transaction, the transaction will be cancelled
  • How soon should I visit the LuLu Exchange branch in order to complete the transfer for payment option Pay@Branch?

    The payment must be made within 4 hours after completing the transaction on LuLu Money
  • Why was my bank not available in the net banking bank list?

    If you don’t find your local payment bank, then it’s probably because your bank does not participate in UAE Central Bank’s Payment gateway system

How Transaction Works?

  • Where can I locate the transaction reference number or service providers reference number?

    You can use the reference number mentioned in the transaction receipt within the mobile app or the transaction receipt sent to your registered email address. It is a 16 digit unique transaction reference number. Cash Pickup service provider reference number will be as per the service selected. This is usually 16 digits and will be highlighted in Blue.
  • How to track the status of my transaction?

    Use the transaction tracker tool available in the app menu to check the status of the transaction. Details can be retrieved using transaction reference number.
  • How long does it take to receive money?

    At LuLu Money, Fast processing of your transfers is our commitment. We disperse the money as soon as possible with every intention of an early credit. Most of the transfers are credited within not more than 30 minutes (Based on the receiving country). It depends mostly on the country, delivery option and mode of payment selected.

    Please note there are few other factors that may affect the process, such as-

    • Delay in receiving payment from your payment bank
    • Recipient bank holidays/national holidays/difference in time zone/delivery hours
    • Additional information request to meet requirements of regulatory body or your financial institution or your recipient bank
    • Payment networks processing hours
    • Erroneous recipient details
  • Will I get a confirmation from LuLu Exchange when my transfer is successful?

    You will receive a SMS confirmation when the amount is successfully credited to the Recipient. In case you do not get the SMS, please visit any of the NS Cashpoint branches and update the mobile number.
  • Can I cancel a transaction?

    Yes, you can. To cancel a transaction, send an email to customer service from your registered email address. You may also visit the nearest NS Cashpoint Branch and request for a cancellation. Transaction can be canceled only if the amount has not been credited to Recipient.

    Cancellation policy will operate owing to requests made and the sole discretion of transaction cancellation rests with LuLu Money. Cancellation charges and rate adjustment may also apply for any cancellations.

  • Does the exchange rate vary when the beneficiary receives the payment?

    The receive amount shown during the payment will not vary after making the payment. The same amount will be received to the beneficiary without any changes.
  • Will my beneficiary need to pay charges upon collection?

    No, We don't have any hidden charges. We are not collecting any additional charges from the beneficiary.
  • What should I do If I do not receive an OTP for registration of a new account?

    First, make sure the mobile number is correct and active. If the issue is not resolved then the customer has to contact live chat support.
  • What should I do if my transaction declined?

    If the amount is debited from the account then contact the live chat support team and share the debit SMS or bank statement with the support team.
  • How many transactions can be done in a month?

    LuLu Money doesn't have any limit for the number of transactions. There is a limit on the total transaction amount.
  • Can I send money to multiple countries?

    Yes, We can send money to multiple countries.
  • How do I delete my Lulu Money transaction history?

    The user can not delete the Lulu Money transaction history. It shows only the last 20 transactions. On completing a new transaction the old transaction will be auto deleted.

Know More About Foreign Exchange

  • What is an Foreign exchange rate?

    Different countries have their own currency. In any money transfer or foreign exchange transaction, there is a domestic currency and a foreign currency which will have different values. The difference between these two rates will have an impact on the money you send or receive.
  • Where do I find the Foreign exchange rate?

    Please click on the foreign exchange service and can refer to our exchange rate calculator
  • Are the exchange rates different?

    Yes, exchange rates vary as per the service type. Foreign exchange currency buy and sells differ from each other; and are completely different from remittance exchange rates. Rates also update dynamically every few minutes.
  • What does buy and sell currency mean?

    Buy Foreign exchange-

    If you, as a customer, would like to Buy a foreign currency in exchange for a local (or domestic) currency, then it is called buying foreign currency. Example if you are located in the UAE you would like to exchange UAE Dirhams for US Dollars, then you will be buying foreign currency (USD) in exchange for local currency (AED). In this case refer to the Buy Exchange Rate

    Sell Foreign exchange-

    If you, as a customer, would like to sell a foreign currency in exchange for a local (or domestic) currency, then it is called selling foreign currency. Example if you are located in UAE you would like to exchange US Dollars for UAE Dirhams, then you will be selling foreign currency (USD) in exchange for local currency (AED). In this case refer to the Sell Exchange Rate

How Bill Payments & Payroll Solutions works?

  • Can I pay my bills in any of the NS Cashpoint branches?

    Yes. We offer you many convenient and accessible ways to pay your utility, insurance or subscription bills at any NS Cashpoint branch. This service will soon be available in your LuLu Money APP
  • What kind of bill payments can be made?

    Please refer to our products and services page to check for the kind of services we offer. For more information, visit the nearest branch.
  • Is there any charge for these payments?

    There will be a nominal charge for the same. Kindly contact the nearest branch for more information.